Imported raw material container transportation project

Overseas ->Hong Kong ->Shenzhen ->nationwide delivery   


1. Shipment. Foreign suppliers can be required to ship goods to Hong Kong, or our company can directly provide door-to-door transportation services from abroad to Hong Kong;

2. Declaration. After the goods are loaded in Hong Kong, they will go through the formalities of declaration, inspection and tax payment at the entry customs;

3. Arrival. After the goods have completed all customs clearance procedures and arrived at our Shenzhen warehouse, notify the customer to check the goods and make payment;

4. Delivery. After receiving the customer's freight, our company will entrust domestic logistics or express delivery to deliver the goods to the place designated by the customer.


[Select our advantages]

First, our company is a legal entity duly registered with the governments of Shenzhen and Hong Kong, and is a high-quality supplier certified by Alibaba in good faith. In order to protect your legitimate rights and interests and the safety of goods, we strongly recommend that you choose formal and honest enterprise cooperation;

Second, we have flexible and diverse import methods and channels to meet your various needs to the greatest extent. Our business philosophy is to be honest and honest, to work steadfastly, to give me a trust, and to give you ten satisfaction!

Third, it has a strong agent network and can provide door-to-door service from abroad to home, which really saves you worry;

Fourth, good reputation, gold agent, low price, good service, just try.


[Advantage agency products]

1. Food and drink: (milk powder, red wine, ham, coffee, rice paste, seasoning, hot pot, ham, olive oil, tea, pet food)

2. Daily use: (shampoo, shower gel, hand soap, toothpaste, toothbrush, mother and baby supplies, ear temperature, horse oil, sheep oil, baby)

3. Health care: (fish liver oil, sheep placenta extract, medicine oil ointment, slimming product, saffron propolis, bird's nest and sea cucumber)

4. Cosmetics: (cosmetics, skin care products, facial mask, face cream, facial cleanser, beauty needle, hyaluronic acid, semi finished cosmetic materials)

5. Cosmetics: (cosmetics, skin care products, facial mask, face cream, facial cleanser, beauty needle, hyaluronic acid, semi finished cosmetic materials)

6. Famous brand: (famous brand bag, famous brand watch, famous brand clothing, famous brand sunglasses

Brand belt, brand jewelry, brand shoes)

7. Electronics: (IC resistor capacitor diode triode circuit board transformer LCD LED lamp main board)

8. Digital: (digital camera headset cable, mobile hard disk, mobile phone, audio laptop)

9. Machinery: (beauty instrument motor industrial instrument medical instrument mechanical sensor air purifier)

10. Other categories: (plastic grains, plant seeds, chemical products, lubricating oil, sports products, fishing rods, wigs, high-value products, etc.) (excluding items prohibited by the state) Any other items can be delivered to major cities in the mainland by express mail.


[Precautions for import]

1. Please consult for price details. The import customs clearance price from Hong Kong warehouse to Shenzhen warehouse does not include the cost of picking up goods in Hong Kong and the cost of delivery from the mainland. The cost of goods safely arriving in Shenzhen and transferring to other domestic cities is reimbursed.

2. The weight of imported goods from Hong Kong is subject to the actual weight. Our company has the right to unpack and inspect the goods before customs declaration to ensure the true packing of goods and ensure the speed of customs declaration and clearance.

3. The customer needs to declare truthfully. If the customer's declaration is inconsistent and the goods are detained, the customer shall be responsible for all the responsibilities, and our company will not bear the relevant responsibilities.