Bidding project of chemical drugs (sodium hypochlorite, sodium hydroxide, hydrochloric acid) in June and July 2021

1. Technical requirements for procurement(The substantive requirements and conditions that are not allowed to deviate are indicated in bold and italic)


2. The scope of this procurement includes the supply, transportation, installation, maintenance, personnel training and after-sales service of goods.


3. Purchase budget amount of the project:Seven hundred and ninety thousand yuan only (¥: 790000.00 yuan). If the final response price is higher than the purchase budget or the ceiling price, it will be determined as invalid response document. The maximum price of this project is 90% of the purchase budget. Except for special requirements, the configuration of the above purchased goods must be provided according to standard functions and parameters. The products supplied must be brand new and qualified, and the manufacturer must issue a product warranty. For imported products, relevant certificates must be provided, and the requirements of national environmental protection and relevant quality standards must be met.


4. Quality requirements of goods

Meet the requirements of the Sanitary Standard for Drinking Water (GB5750-2006). Consumable reagents of online instruments shall be able to be used together with the instruments. Standard samples and consumed reagents of online instruments shall be supplied as required, and the validity period shall not be exceeded. All drugs and standard samples must meet the requirements of Jiangsu Province's double random assessment and Jiangsu Province's urban water supply security assessment index system assessment. All standard samples and environmental standard samples in Tables 1-3 and 1-4 shall meet the standards in the remarks.

The manufacturer of the standard solution provided shall have the national standard material grading certificate and the standard material/standard sample producer approval certificate. The transportation of chemical reagents and consumables must comply with relevant national laws and regulations and industry standards.


5. After-sales service requirements

(1) The equipment shall be guaranteed free of charge for one year from the date of acceptance. During the warranty period, Party B shall implement three guarantees for the product quality. In case of any failure caused by equipment configuration or manufacturing quality problems, Party B shall immediately repair or replace it for free within 24 hours, and all expenses arising therefrom shall be borne by Party B.

(2) Technical support response time. General problems shall be supported by telephone within 2 hours, and difficult and key problems shall be solved on site within 2 days. Relevant expenses during the warranty period shall be borne by Party B, and Party B shall charge cost after the warranty period expires.

In addition to the service requirements specified in this document, the after-sales service that the supplier can promise shall be described in detail, and the supplier shall also be responsible for providing the purchaser with equipment maintenance or operator training for free. The repair response time is the normal time of the journey plus 3 hours.

6. Delivery time and place

(1) In order to facilitate the purchaser's organization of production, the delivery time of all goods shall be determined after consultation. If necessary, the goods shall be delivered in batches. The supplier must promise a reasonable delivery time, and deliver the goods within 2 days after each batch of orders is confirmed by both parties. Delayed delivery will be subject to certain economic penalties.

(2) Place of delivery: The goods shall be delivered and unloaded by the supplier to the place designated by the purchaser, and the relevant data (certificate of conformity, test report, etc.) along with the goods shall be complete. The goods shall be inspected by relevant personnel organized by the purchaser. Those who fail to pass the inspection shall be returned, and all losses caused thereby shall be borne by the supplier.


7. Payment method

After each batch of goods supplied has been initially inspected and warehoused at the site, it will be paid in lump sum if no quality problem is found after 10 days of use.