Introduction to Aramid

Aramid fiber, known as aromatic polyamide fiber, is obtained from the synthesis of aromatic diamines and aromatic dibasic acids. According to the position of the amide bond and aromatic ring linkage, can be divided into inter-aramid (also known as aramid 1313) and para-aramid (also known as aramid 1414). Para-aramid has high specific strength, high specific modulus, high temperature resistance and flame retardant and other excellent properties, and carbon fiber, ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fiber and known as the world's three high-performance fibers.

Earlier, aramid was used in the military by the United States and other countries, with the development of the times, aramid is now widely used as a high technology fiber material in aerospace and aviation, mechanical and electrical, construction, automotive, sporting goods and other aspects of the national economy.

In aviation and aerospace, aramid saves a lot of power fuel because of its light mass and high strength. Foreign information shows that during the launch of spacecraft, every 1kg weight reduction means a cost reduction of 1 million dollars. In addition, the rapid development of technology is opening up more new civil space for aramid. At present, aramid products are reportedly used in bulletproof vests, helmets, etc., accounting for about 7 to 8%, aerospace materials, sports materials, accounting for about 40%; tire skeleton materials, conveyor belt materials, etc., accounting for about 20%, and high-strength ropes, etc., accounting for about 13%.

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Some factors affecting the tensile breaking strength of aramid yarns

The compressive strength of aramid yarn is high, which means that it has a very good tensile strength and is therefore commonly used in fire safety, electrical engineering construction, railway lines, petrochemical equipment and other industries. As a fiber ductile yarn, the performance of aramid yarn can take into account the requirements of various natural environments, especially in the field of cable wire to give full play to the significant advantages. Aramid wire is commonly used because it depends on its good tensile strength, then what are the elements that endanger the fracture strength of aramid wire Rashen, we simply grasp the next.