Application range of aramid fiber

Use of para-aramids

Para-aramids have good ballistic properties and are used in defense security protection specifically in soft and hard structures. Para-aramid textile can be made into bullet-proof vest, explosion-proof blanket, or composite type with epoxy resin to make hard hat, armor explosion-proof inner gasket. Para-aramid also has good resistance to laser cutting, temperature and abrasion, and can be used as safety apparel in industrial production. Cotton gloves made of para-aramid can prevent damage to fingertips from laser cutting, abrasion, puncture techniques, constant heat and fire in industrial production processes.

Aramid pulp is a relatively high degree of original fiber, with high bulk density and unique high compressive strength and low density, can be used as a special reinforcing raw material dispersed into epoxy resin, plastic and other different substrates. At the present stage, aramid pulp has become the preferred choice of new organic materials in the production of wear-resistant reinforcing materials for brake system linings and clutch facings. Para-aramid pulp has a high grip capacity and increases the "raw compressive strength" of wear-resistant materials. Aramid slurry reinforced automotive brake pads can improve the compressive strength of the pre-blanks when they are formed, and can effectively improve the performance of the production process before the automotive brake pads are vulcanized into rubber. Aramid pulp reinforced wear resistant materials can reasonably improve the service life of wear resistant materials, reduce the breakage of brake drums or discs and the noise during the operation of the brake system. Aramid slurry also has high organic chemical stability and heat resistance, and aramid slurry-reinforced sealing washers have good strength and wear resistance.

Para-aramid is commonly used as a composite reinforcement and can also be applied in blends with carbon fiber and laminated glass fiber.

Composites must be considered to have good cost performance at low net weights. Laminated glass fiber becomes Z common reinforcing fiber because of its cheap cost, carbon fiber has more strength and elastic modulus and its lower elongation, but the cost of production is higher, aramid fiber combines the advantages of carbon fiber and laminated glass fiber, and at the same time has the characteristics of high toughness, high modulus, low density, used in reinforcing raw materials can greatly improve the impact resistance of raw materials.

At present, para-aramid reinforced composites have been widely used in aerospace components, automotive parts, boats, sports equipment and high-pressure vessels. Para-aramid reinforced hulls can significantly reduce the net weight of the hull, and also give a higher fracture strength and puncture resistance than laminated glass fiber composites.

Carbon fiber and aramid fiber mixed braided reinforced composites are used to make fish rods with transverse bending stiffness given by carbon fiber and transverse bending stiffness given by aramid on one side, with lighter weight and smooth structure and good characteristics.

Aramid-reinforced fittings can be used as crude oil and natural gas pipelines, replacing the original steel pipelines and preventing leaks caused by leaching; the reduction in net weight of pipelines also optimizes the whole process of delivery and assembly.

Application of m-aramid

Interposition aramid has good thermal characteristics and thermal and wet comfort, so the fabric of this type of fiber is not only flame retardant, and not easy to melt and drip, and is usually made into thermal flame retardant protective clothing for industrial production, national defense, fire safety, vehicle running, etc.

Flame-retardant thermal insulation safety and protection materials are usually based on thermal insulation, reflective surface, digestion and absorption of heat, or the raw material itself to produce charcoal protection heat generation and other forms to complete the purpose of isolating sparks.

Fireproof clothing is usually a unique fabric made of various raw material blends or double-layered textiles to achieve flame retardant insulation and heat preservation and avoid blood volatilization at the same time. Although the interposition aramid has a high glass transition temperature and melting point, but in the fire fibers will produce due to the close level of the textile caused by the closure of the reduction, the cotton yarn in the middle of the gap is too large, endangering the isolation characteristics, so you can use with para-aramid or other raw materials cotton yarn co-spinning to reduce the generation of this phenomenon.

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Some factors affecting the tensile breaking strength of aramid yarns

The compressive strength of aramid yarn is high, which means that it has a very good tensile strength and is therefore commonly used in fire safety, electrical engineering construction, railway lines, petrochemical equipment and other industries. As a fiber ductile yarn, the performance of aramid yarn can take into account the requirements of various natural environments, especially in the field of cable wire to give full play to the significant advantages. Aramid wire is commonly used because it depends on its good tensile strength, then what are the elements that endanger the fracture strength of aramid wire Rashen, we simply grasp the next.